We need volunteers for these projects, and donations of materials, or funds, to complete the below:

  • We need Volunteer Horse Trainers  CLICK HERE to learn more.
  • We need donations of specific items: money to buy hay and continue improvements, a manure spreader, doggy poop bag dispensers with bags (they can be sponsored by your business), security cameras installed, the horse area in the barn insulated before winter, building materials (see Master Projects List), and we always take donations of horse equipment, buckets, feeders, blankets, halters and lead ropes, etc.

Email or call us with your interest in helping with these projects, or, if you are able to donate any materials towards the completion of these projects. Smaller donations are welcome to be dropped off anytime at AspenParkVet Hospital in Conifer. For larger donations of equipment or building materials, please make arrangements for delivery via email or phone call [email protected], or 303-838-3771.

Thank you in advance and God Bless!

Master Projects List with most urgent needs highlighted

Updated August 2023 (strikethrough indicates completed items since last update in March)

  1. Build a trail around the perimeter of the property, best something that is good for ATV’s/wheelchairs/baby strollers. Bring chainsaws to clear brush, limbs, etc. Make it so wide yet near the perimeters that ATV’s can access all the fence lines for repairs and maintenance. This would be a great project for Scouts.
  2. We need to find and work with a barn designer who can help us design the perfect indoor arena that we are clearing the space for now.
  3. We have a lot of slash that needs to be cleared. Bring a chipper, or a truck and trailer to haul off the slash piles.
  4. We need folks with metal detectors (could be a great project for families with little kids) or large magnets to run along the ground to help ensure there are no hidden nails/other metal dangers.
  5. We need help with picking up old wood, shingles, trash, old carpet remnants, trash, etc. all around the entire property and place into waste bins for disposal.
  6. We need help taking down the old broken fence, moving and stacking anything useable and helping to discard any posts or wood not reusable.
  7. We need help building jumps and natural obstacles for the horses to jump around the property
  8. We need stacks of wood and building materials inside the barn moved and the area around cleaned, swept, and reorganized
  9. We need repair of a  barn shed door that was likely pulled open by a bear, and damaged the door. We need help to either replace the door or at least reinforce it and replace the latch so the door stays shut.
  10. We have metal sheeting that has been pulled off sheds that needs to be taken care of for safety of people and animals.
  11.  We need plans to work with the county to improve access to the property for horse trucks, trailers, and semi loads of hay, including possibly creating a new driveway with a gentler grade.
  12. The dirt part of the circular driveway graded, and paved or gravel added
  13. Parking direction signs and signs pointing to the horse barn
  14. No smoking, no trespassing, and another liability sign put up
  15.  Doggie poop bag dispenser (at least 2)
  16.  We need the tack room cleaned up, refinished, tack and saddles shelves built.  The doors to this room need to be weather proofed and secure.
  17. The indoor horse area in the barn needs to be weatherproofed and insulated before winter. 
  18. The grade around the barn needs to corrected so water does not run in the tack room and make a skating rink on the floor in the tack room
  19. The porch area to the tack room repaired/made safe so no broken boards with nails are sticking up and it’s safe for pets and people
  20.  We need the classroom cleaned up, finished, drywall and painted.  A manure spreader,  
  21. Additional security cameras. We have them purchased, we need them installed right away. 
  22. Landscaping and retaining walls and pathways built for stroller/wheelchair access to the horse corral 
  23. A working automatic front gate (gate and electrical are there) with the entrance redone with new lighting, and a new sign
  24. An outdoor arena area cleared, sand brought in, and appropriately fenced to make a safe working area, with lighting, for the horses.
  25. A barrier installed in the ground, and the footing replaced inside the small indoor area 
  26. A wash rack area built in front of the barn. 
  27. We need a bathroom/laundry area with toilet and washer dryer in the barn.
  28. We need a sink and tankless hot water heater installed in the tack room.
  29. The barbed wire fence along the rear of the property (the I-70 side) needs to be removed and replaced with a much more secure fence.  Also to be removed is the barbed wire fence along the neighbor side of the property, and assist the neighbor with installing a privacy fence (they are working on obtaining the materials for this and having the fence materials available).