Welcome To The ResqRanch!

The ResqRanch is the nation’s premier positive reinforcement animal sanctuary. It started as a crusade to re-home race horses cast off from the horse racing industry and turned into a neighborhood gathering place for children and adults who just wanted to be around and learn more about horses.

Next came official programs, like HORSES 101!, given free to the community twice a week, and then expanded to include other types of animals as well. The goal has never been to try to rescue all the animals, as there are plenty of organizations out there that already strive to do that.

What sets the ResqRanch apart is education. Education is the key to helping ensure that people get the right animals to suit their lifestyles, in the first place, and all the education they need to care for that animal, for a lifetime. Our vision is to strengthen the emotional connection between animals and their people, to help more of both live happier and healthier, longer.

And our mission is, through education, to eliminate the need for animal shelters, rescues, and mustang holding pens, in the first place. All are welcome in this place, to learn, grow, heal, and have fun!

We are led by veterinarian Dr. Jena Questen, who is not only a Professional Animal Trainer but also the One and Only Life Coach for People with Pets.