Our Resq Stories

The ResqRanch:

  • started rescuing off track Thoroughbreds and other animals in 1989
  • started classes for the community in 2002.
  • officially incorporated in 2015 with the name 'The ResqRanch Powered by the Prince of Flame Fund' in honor of one of the many racehorses we rescued. 

The Resqranch over the years has saved 100’s of animals, from horses, dogs, and cats, to birds, mice, and fish, by caring for them in our sanctuary. Additionally we have found forever homes for countless other animals through matchmaking needy animals with new caregivers.

Through our educational programs we have touched the lives of over 4,000 children and adults and helped instill a burning desire to learn more about animals and their care. In fact, some of the children who attended our programs as small children,  have now come forward as young adults to volunteer with us. They share how their experience as a child at the ResqRanch and our educational programs shaped their future desire to have a lifelong career with animals!

The future of the ResqRanch, with your help, is to continue to build on our legacy of animal education, with the construction of a barn and community center. Our vision is to build a lasting legacy for the local community, and the entire state of Colorado. A state of the art education, community center, and gathering space to enjoy nature, the outdoors, and the beauty of Colorado, learn about animal health and their daily care from a veterinary perspective,  and  through the study of  positive reinforcement animal training, understand how caring for rescued animals can really rescue us.  A place for animals and people from all walks of life to come together, to learn, to heal, and to grow. 

But we can’t do it without your help!
5 ways YOU can help save animals, and the people (and children) who love them!

  1. Subscribe to our YouTube channel
  2. Follow us on social media and forward our education material to share awareness 
  3. Participate in one of our  educational programs like Steal More Years, and DrQ’s Horse Training Masterclass
  4. Volunteer your time and talent at the ResqRanch whether it’s your muscles or your  mental health expertise
  5. Become a donor, better yet,  a monthly donor, to help offset the feed, housing, and medical costs of our rescued animals.

You’d be surprised by how far your contributions can go:
$100 provides grain for one month for an elderly horse no longer able to eat only hay after a lifetime of dental neglect.
$50 provides notebooks and training tools aspiring students from underprivileged areas need to live their dream.
$25 can provide a tank heater to keep water tanks from freezing in the frigid Colorado winter.

So please, can we count on you to partner with us? 

You’ll be joining thousands of others who  understand the deep emotional impact of the human-animal bond, and the profound difference it can make in the life of a struggling child, or adult, or an abused animal just needing a second chance. Like many of us.  With all my heart, I hope you will decide to step forward and help with a generous contribution of whatever you can afford. 

We sincerely thank you,
Dr.Q and the Crew at the ResqRanch

Prince of Flame

spartanAnytime I visited the racetrack, I always looked forward to seeing my favorite trainer and his horses. Not only was he kind to his horses, he always found them good homes after they retired. And they always seemed happy to have visitors and get pets. One horse in particular always caught my attention. He was a large, dark bay beautiful Thoroughbred gelding named Prince, He would furiously pump his head over the top of the stall door anytime visitors arrived, eager with anticipation. I just loved visiting the track and knowing I could always count on a big horse hug from Prince who just loved to have his neck scratched and hugged!

He was an older horse so had been racing for several years. He had also endured a throat surgery to help him breath better and possibly win more races. Despite this he just loved people and always put a smile on my face.

When his racing career finally came to an end, of course we brought him to the ResqRanch. Here he started a new life, having a group of friends to hang out with, free choice hay, and the only responsibility was to gently carry little children around bareback. He was so careful with his step, as if he really understood the precious cargo on his back. For being a racing horse, an athlete, a muscle machine full of pent up racing energy, he immediately settled into his new, more gentle life. He lived the rest of his days with us, and was loved fiercely everyday by many. May you never be forgotten Prince and all you did for us people. Thank you.

Natalia & Chilli

From their wild herd to the mustang pens of Canon City, these two have had quite the adventure in their brief lives. Now that they're both part of the ResqRanch herd we can't wait to share their ongoing story with you! We first met Natalia & Chilli during one of the toughest Rocky Mountain Horse Expos to date. After several feet of snow left us stranded back at the ResqRanch, we finally arrived a day late and without any of our horses, but that wouldn't be true for long. We were drawn to the BLM auctions and were excited to find an impressive group of mustang yearlings waiting to be auctioned. Unfortunately, the in-person only auction was taking place in front of one of the smallest crowds in recent memory, due to the untimely and brutal weather. When the bidding ended and these two babies remained, we stepped in to provide them with their forever home. It was a whirlwind day! We went from being stranded to increasing our ResqRanch herd by two in less time than it took to dig out our trailer! While we're thrilled to be expanding our mission and adopting these two incredible spirits, the ResqRanch's cost of care is rising as a result. We need your support more than ever. Thank you for all you've done and all you continue to do to support our mission and the future of horses like Natalia & Chilli. Your generosity will make a world of difference to Natalia & Chilli, and the many more rescues that will follow them through the gates of the ResqRanch.

Help us Help Natalia & Chilli


Rhoen is a ResqRanch original, she has been with us since birth! Her mother was pregnant with her when their owner was diagnosed with a terminal illness. She was unable to care for an expecting mother much less a foal and reached out to us! Since then she has grown into a beautiful black mare that loves to lead the herd during arena time.

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cesarCesar the wild Mustang came to us from the Meeker Mustang Makeover challenge. He was one of the hundreds of wild horses rounded up by BLM. If he didn't join us he would be destined to spend his days in a holding pen or worse. He has done amazing in his positive reinforcement training. Cesar loves to target practice and is even excited to saddle up and go for a ride.

Fun Fact: Did you know if only 5% of all horse owners would adopt a wild Mustang there would no longer be a need for round ups and holding pens!!

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Emblaze is one of our newer additions joining our herd in 2020. This off track thoroughbred didn't get her name for fun, she raced an astonishing 51 times! She earned her name, Blaze with her speed and her gentle step. Now she races on easy street at the ResqRanch, playing in the arena and only jumping for fun!

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Dominic the Donkey

Dominic came to us in bad shape. He was living in a chicken coop covered in mange and at risk for serious disease. He is a great example of why our mission is so important, through education, end the need for shelters, rescues (and Mustang holding pens) in the first place!! With the proper care and training, this donkey turned into a healthy, loving companion!

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Oliver has legendary bloodlines and is actually the son of a Preakness 2nd place winner!! While his original destiny was to follow in his fathers' hoof prints as a racehorse he was born with a crooked hoof. This abnormal hoof was the reason for the racing industry to cast him off as worthless at 6 months of age. With proper hoof care he is able to live his best life at the ResqRanch and he will always be a winner in our eyes!

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Sugar is a beautiful Palomino that spent most of her life working on a ranch. She put in countless hours of hard work and labor before coming to us. She never received proper dental care which resulted in medical problems. Now that she is a resident of the ResqRanch all of her medical care and her teeth are getting the proper attention. She is now enjoying her retirement with her friends here at the ResqRanch and is always happy to greet us with cute little kissy lips!

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