We hope this update finds you all happy, safe, and mostly healthy during these uncertain times. Life will never be the same for any of us after the COVID19 pandemic.

One thing that is for certain is that, just because it seems the world has turned upside down, many animals still need homes. In fact, more so now than ever as people have economic uncertainty.

Horse are still racing even though there are no spectators to watch them. Without racing, there is no money to pay the employees, and there is no one to feed, water, and care for these magnificent horses. What would happen to the horses without people to care for them? I am glad people are still there caring for them, and keeping them in great condition and caring for their every need.

However, the continuation of racing does mean that horses will retire and need homes. Until the industry operates in such a way as to eliminate the need for unwanted horses at the end of their racing careers, we will still be here, educating others, and doing our best to find homes for, and give homes to, as many horses as we can manage.

Yet it is not just racehorses that needs homes. There are all kinds, shapes, and sizes of horses going to slaughter houses every day. Including american mustangs, the symbol of the Old West and protected by our government (for the most part).

We would like to be able to adopt more animals during this time of great uncertainty. However we can’t do it without YOU. If we can get just 100 people to commit to donating $7 a month for the life of the animal, we can rescue more horses.

So please tune in to my YouTube channel, The1DrQ, where I am doing daily videos on pet care, nutrition, and training. I will be bringing you daily world class information that is useful to you to use, today, in 3-5 minute value packed segments, throughout this time of the quarantine. If you find these entertaining and useful, then please HELP us to rescue more horses! Truly $7 a month, or more, from only 100 people, will let us help rescue an animal from slaughter. And you can be assured the money is going to a REAL grass roots local organization, and not some big corporation with sponsors and a huge marketing budget.

Once we are all done with this ‘stay-in-place’ business, and life returns to normal, we will be bringing you more videos of the rescue horses in our our care. In the mean time, please check out my YouTube Channel, and mostly, stay safe! Thank you for reading! And please donate now!