Hello all you wonderful people! It’s sure been cold and snowy here for the past 48 hours, I am so grateful we were able to secure 50 bales of hay before this storm hit, because the animals are going through 3 a day right now to help generate heat to keep warm out there!
Even when I plow them a path through the snow, within hours the path is covered once again.
This weather brings into sharp focus that not only do we need hay and grain, however, our animals could use blankets, too.
Our oldest resident Jian was more than pleased to be covered up before this big storm. The others looked on with suspicion, if only they knew what they were missing on these frigid days!
We are currently accepting donations of blankets, and additional funds to purchase new ones, although, it may take some training before the others will learn to accept and embrace being covered up!
Please email or post a comment below if you have a blanket of any size, for details on how to get it to us.
Thanks again to all of you who have donated and are helping me care for the animals. You are all angels! God bless!