Happy New Year to you! Wishing you much optimism for a wonderful new you to all of you, from all of us!

For those of you who read this regularly, you know I have been writing extensively about horse training of late. However, I realized that there are LOT’S of horse trainers, therapists, and others, even in our small community, all vying for your attention (and money).  All of these experts are asking you to trust in them, that their philosophy is different. That what and how they teach is more gentle, more impactful, and more successful than what you already know. And they can and will help you achieve some magical breakthrough with your relationship with horses. 

I realized that with so many people out there, it is very easy to lump me in there with the rest of them.  It’s easy to think so many horse experts are all pretty much similar, and offering similar programs. And that if you pick up a tidbit here and there from any of them, then you may be able to progress in your relationship with your horse, just a little bit, combined with all that you already know.

I am looking forward to the day when people understand that what I am offering is something TOTALLY different.  That what I can share with you is a easy to follow, scientifically proven, step by step formula to VASTLY improve your horse’s ground manners,  obedience under saddle, and have your horse running TO you, never from you, again, whether you show up with a saddle or not. What I offer is power steering and an automatic transmission compared to a go cart. Want proof? Check my YouTube channel where I have videos of a 12 year old riding an off-track Thoroughbred, with no bit, and starting over jumps, safely, and in control. Now that is something!

No other horse experts I have seen are #1, not veterinarians, and #2, not certified Professional Animal Trainers. At least, none I have seen locally, or even on RFDTV, (rural america tv for those unfamiliar) so of course what I offer is different, more comprehensive, and more valuable to you IF you are really ready to learn more, end your frustrations, fears, and limitations with your horses, quickly, and easily, with a systematic, scientific, process that is proven and guaranteed. My Horse Training Masterclass will change your life. 

I look forward to the day all  horse owners of all experiences and abilities know and understand that correct positive reinforcement training is the KEY to having the most magical relationship with any animal that you ever dreamed possible.  I continue to see frustrated, frightened, unsure horse owners all around me, struggling to know which method, or expert, to turn to. I get it, there are many. And they all have something valuable to offer. 

However, only my Horse Training Masterclass truly is the scientifically proven way to train any horse, to do anything, by anyone, and, it’s so easy, even a kid can do it.  We have the videos to prove it. And you can have this, too. 

So if you, or someone you know, is seeking answers for improving their relationship (which really means better training) with their animal, any animal, please be so kind as to direct them to my masterclass, my YouTube channel the 1DrQ, or the ResqRanch.org website, to learn more, as it will completely revolutionize their lives, as it did mine.  

And if you already have the best behaved pets in the world, that could not possibly love you more, then allow me to share with you a success story. 

One very special patient to me is  an adorable little beagle dog who only weighs about 20 pounds and at age 15 or 16 (no one knows for sure as she is a rescue), has been going strong and living a happy and full life for a year now, despite the fact she has an aggressive tumor growing out of her shoulder. We did surgery on her to remove the biggest parts of the tumor that we could, and after that we have just continued to treat her regularly with acupuncture, energy healing (yes that’s a thing), and herbs. She is a miracle and an inspiration to me. So many other people would have put her to sleep, just because she looks a little different with that pink, bumpy, unusual looking growth attached to her shoulder and elbow. But she runs, plays, eats, hikes, and lives a full life.  Her pet parents have to fend off lot’s of well meaning strangers, stern looks of concern, for letting their little old lady run around looking like that. But that  dog is living a very full, happy, pampered life, and there is no reason to cut it short, or subject her to anything more invasive. The whole family is an inspiration to me, and should be to you, too, to stand firm and think for yourself. Sometimes you know better than what many other people might have to say, those who don’t really know, what a great, happy life that little dog really has. So if you see a dog like this on the street, don’t automatically assume the people don’t care for their pet, it could very much be quite the opposite. Helping people and animals like these are what makes it worth being a vet. I am honored and blessed to be able to provide the kind of care that we do at Aspen Park Vet hospital, your destination for complicated medical cases, second opinions, or if you just really cherish your animal like a member of the family and want to squeeze every once of quality life into them for the short time they are here with us.

As always, thanks for reading, and God bless! DrQ, Dr. Tam, and the crew of Aspen Park Vet and the ResRanch.