I hope this update finds you well and happy! This is a good time for a ResqRanch update, as we have had a busy few months. Sugar the quarter horse mare we adopted last fall is the epitome of what can happen when you rescue an animal. She is so happy (and funny, one of the most comical horses I have ever been around) and devoted to me because she loves living with us so much! She knows what it’s like to be treated, for years, like a tool, instead of as the beautiful princess she is, so everyday she exudes kindness, gratefulness and fully appreciates the loving devotion we shower her with. That is the magic of the rescue, when they ‘get it’ that they are finally home, and loved, and trust they will never be treated mindlessly again. Unfortunately her years of dental neglect are a constant concern. Truly it’s a form of abuse because little can now be done to repair the damage. It’s heartbreaking to love her so much, and still see her health struggles no matter the care she gets. Regardless, we are lucky to have her. Please, for Sugar’s sake, make sure your horses teeth are floated at least once a year.
Next, in April we got Emblaze, the 8 year old retired racing mare, also a nearly magical addition to our program. Other than her creaky knees and occasional lameness we carefully manage after 5 years of hard racing, she too is thoroughly enjoying this new life where the most work we ask of her is to cart a kid gently around an arena for 45 minutes three times a week. She loves the attention, and she is so mellow and willing that she has completely changed what we can offer in our programs. We are so grateful for her.
Finally, we have our newest addition Cesar, a yearling wild mustang who as of this writing we have had for 10 days. He is a part of the Meeker Mustang Makeover (you can learn more about them on Facebook) kids division event, where my kids have less than 100 days to train him to perform at a 911 commemorative event. Did you know the Bureau of Land Management has over 10,000 wild Mustangs in holding pens? They are federally protected (for now) and rounded up and corralled when their numbers exceed what the open range in NW Colorado and Wyoming (among other places throughout the US) can handle. There is a very real risk that due to the pandemic funds to care for them could be in jeopardy. It’s been such a problem that now the federal government will actually pay you $500 to adopt these animals! We felt it was time to help spread awareness about the wild mustangs, our national heritage, by participating in this challenge. If you love horses, please subscribe to my YouTube channel, The1DrQ, and follow along on how little Julius Cesar is progressing. And if you decide adopting a mustang is for you, I am here to help if you need it. Please comment on any of the videos so we can bring you more of what you want to see. I hope those of you who participated in my free training video offer enjoyed it.
Finally, I have had several calls about when we would be offering HORSES101! again, as well as Hike with Horses. At this time I anticipate it will be mid July. Please like the ResqRanch on Facebook, and sign up for our newsletter at http://www.DrQandU.org to keep informed.
We are only doing our part, our passion that fulfills us, and hopefully helps others too along the way. What a wonderful world it could be if we all did more of the same. What fulfills you?
Please be careful, stay safe out there, and thank you for your support. Remember no one REALLY knows what to expect with this pandemic, so please be smart, stay safe, and follow your dreams. Thanks for reading, DrQ and the Crew from Aspen Park Vet Hospital and the ResqRanch.