Although the weather is cold now, we are gearing up for a busy summer. We have many folks asking us all the time about volunteers for the ResqRanch so now seems like a good time to let everyone know what we need.

First, the only volunteer need we will have this year (barring anything unexpected) is for volunteer trainers. So if you are looking for a summer camp to spend time with your child, around horses, this might be a great fit!

Remember, a volunteer trainer can be anyone down to the age of 5 years old (with a parent).

Of course, as usual, DrQ’s Horse Training Masterclass is required before becoming a volunteer of any kind.

Stay tuned for monthly train-the-trainer sessions we will be conducting once a month throughout the nice weather months.  We may  send out a survey asking folks when is the best time for these 2 hour sessions (we may have two in one day) so we can accommodate as many as possible.

Additionally, once we get the right assistant trainers lined up, it is also likely I will offer the Masterclass free for them, in exchange for the commitment to attend all or most of the on-site training sessions.

So if you are interested in learning how to be a positive reinforcement assistant trainer and work with our rescue animals, be sure to send us an email indicating so, and we will store your email in a separate list so we can keep you updated as the program progresses.

Thank you, as always, for your support and trust! Dr. Q, Rachel, and the Crew of Aspen Park Vet Hospital and the ResqRanch