Thanks once again to all of you who have supported us so far this winter. You are wonderful!
As the winter moves into spring, it is time to think of new beginnings. Here at the Resqranch we have been brainstorming ideas on how to help our animals never have to worry about being evicted again because we don’t have the funds to maintain housing.
From this has developed the idea of a full service R+ rescue and education center. R+ means our animals have a choice in their rehabilitation. The first of it’s kind in the world, based as much on rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-homing animals, as educating good people, so there are less animals to rescue, in the first place!
The vision is for an indoor arena, a dog training facility, a vet hospital for the animals, an aquaponics and fish rescue facility, a lodge for classes and events, and finally the first ever animal rescue museum for children and adults, all on one campus, located right here in our beautiful Colorado Mountains!
Stay tuned as this vision develops. We will continue to have more FREE education events, as well as volunteer orientation (which will also be available on-line), so follow us on Facebook at #Resqranch, and help the dream become a reality!
God bless!