We need you!

If you are able to come to our first help give some love to the ResqRanch clean up day this Sunday October 30th starting at noon, we thought it would be helpful to let you know what kind of projects are the priority. After this day, the clean up days will continue on the last Sunday of the month, weather permitting, at the same time. Please shoot us an email or give us a call at Aspen Park Vet Hospital at 303-838-3771 to confirm before heading out. This also helps us to coordinate the types of help. Thank you!

What we need (in no particular order):

Help us clean up so we can bring this to more kids!

Phase 1

-Tree branch’s cut down, and down branches cut up and moved off the fence line.

-Old wood boards with nails picked up. We will need to drive a pickup, or truck with a trailer,  near the wood piles to do this. Will then need to either move those items to a safer location away from animals or moved to the dump. Along with some areas of trash scattered around.

-We need more large water troughs! 5 to be exact. We feed the horses their hay in them so they are not eating off the sandy ground. Plastic preferred so we can secure them to the fences.  

-We need exterior lighting installed.

-An entire section (about 100 yards) of T- posts and barbed wire fence removed, along with the gates that are screwed into the wood posts, and the wood posts themselves if not cemented in.

-Folks with metal detectors or large magnets to run along the ground in certain areas to help ensure there are no hidden nails/other dangers.

-A barn shed door that was likely pulled open by a bear, and damaged the door. We need help to either replace the door or at least reinforce it and replace the latch so the door stays shut.

-We need fence repairs to the front wood fence and painted.

-We need ideas on how to work with the county to improve access to the property for horse trucks, trailers, and semi loads of hay, including possibly creating a new driveway with a gentler grade.

-The dirt part of the circular driveway graded, and general clean up of old pine needles/dirt that kicks up dust and grime and won’t allow grass to grow next year around the front of the barn area.

-So many 1-2’ tall weeds that need to be mowed down or weed wacked at not only the front entrance, but around the horse corral, and paths need to be cleared of weeds to access the horses from the front pasture to the round pen.

-We may need to get fill dirt to temporarily help with access to the horses as there is lots of sandy areas where a foot falls through the sandy, unstable terrain. In other words, need good walking paths all around the horse corral. 

Phase 2:

-We need the tack room cleaned up, refinished, tack and saddles shelves built, and have lighting installed. The doors to this room need to be weather proofed and secure.

-The porch area to the tack room repaired/made safe so no broken boards with nails are sticking up

-We need the meeting room cleaned up, finished, drywall and painted.

–We need additional interior and exterior lighting on the horse corral.

– The corner of the property fence repaired with posts and a gate

– A manure spreader

– Security cameras.

– A working tractor or Bobcat to move large bales of hay

– Retaining walls and pathways built for stroller/wheelchair access to the horse corral.

– A working automatic front gate (gate is there, needs repaired)

-The front gate needs to be replaced and the driveway opening widened for ease of large trucks and trailers to enter

– The entrance redone with new lighting, and a new sign

– An outdoor arena area cleared, sand brought in, and appropriately fenced to make a safe working area, with lighting, for the horses.

Phase 3:

-An indoor arena 

-A barn addition with at least eight 10×10 stalls, preferably with runs.

-A hay barn

-We need a bathroom/laundry area with toilet and washer dryer in the barn.

-Additional shelter in the form of an overhang large enough to shelter all the animals which they can access from within the corral.

-The barbed wire fence along the rear of the property (the I-70 side) needs removed and replaced with a much more secure fence

-Also to be removed is the barbed wire fence along the neighbor side of the property, and assist the neighbor with installing a privacy fence (they are working on obtaining the materials for this)

Phase 4:

-A medical office.

-An indoor large animal treatment room.

-Additional housing for sick/injured animals with shelter.

-A large animal x-ray machine.

Thanks so much, in advance, for any help and good wishes sent our way, God bless!

Dr. Q and the Crew of Aspen Park Vet Hospital and the ResqRanch

Some of the tree and fence work that needs to be done so the animals can access the pastures.