Dear Friends and Family,

I hope this update finds you having much to look forward to as we move into fall and a busy holiday season!
There have been many exciting changes happening with the Resqranch the past few months, which is why you have not heard much from me, and it has all been good things!
Most of the animals were moved out to pasture for the summer.
All have thrived except for Oliver. If you will recall he is the Thoroughbred horse that nearly severed his hoof off last summer. Being out on uneven ground, and having to endure some severe temperature extremes have taken his toll on him, to the point where some days he limps so badly he can hardly walk.
After careful discussion with all involved in his care, it was determined the best course of action for him would be to move into a more controlled barn type setting where he could get some intensive care for the upcoming harsh winter months.
Therefore, despite his reluctance to leave his pals, we loaded him up almost two weeks ago and moved him to a nice stable.
The first night he was horrified by the bleeting sheep in the stall and run next to his. I don’t think he moved all night, frozen in fear out in his run. He has never been in a stall and run situation in his entire life, so this entire experience was very new and somewhat traumatic for him.
The sheep left the first day, and within just a few days he learned from watching the other horses to comfortably move from the stall to the outside, and back out again, without being fearful in the confines and dark shadows of the barn and doorways.
Together we explored the round pen, the indoor arena, the outdoor arena, the open space and trails across the street, and the turn out pasture (his clear favorite where he went out, galloped around without any pain and then rolled in the dirt!).
After a few days of adjusting to his new environment, we decided to go with a well recommended local farrier to place hot shoes on his feet.
Because of his previous nearly catastrophic injury, his entire hoof is somewhat malformed. By placing shoes on all four feet, we hope to help hold the hoof wall and tissues in place, with good support, so that the hoof can regrow back into a more normal shape and form. We did not put a shoe on him originally because it would have been extremely painful for him to have to stand on three legs to get the job done. The mild limping he did last winter was to be expected after being only a few months after the injury. It is uncertain at this point why the cold weather so severely affected his comfort level at the start of this winter. No matter, we are working quickly to provide everything he needs to help him remain comfortable and hopefully one day return to full function. The best way we can do that is with placing shoes on his feet, which have been perfectly fitted and formed by an experienced farrier familiar with working with hot metal.
So just what does he need? He needs to be stabled in a stall and run for at least 6 months. Fortunately, we found a great deal where it will only cost $305/month to keep him. He needs additional bedding, feed, salt licks, and hoof care products, an average of $100/month, and finally, he needs to have new shoes every 4-6 weeks, at a cost of $165 each time. All together we now have the added expense of $500-$570 per month.
Now what I am asking for is if only 20 PEOPLE, would pledge to donate $25 a month FOR THE NEXT 6 MONTHS, together we can give him the extra support he needs. In that time, he will be able to rebuild good hooves, get pain free, and begin an exercise and training regime so that he can continue getting matched with participants in our training programs, and further help spread the knowledge and education necessary to help rescue even more horses.
NOW HERE IS THE GREAT NEWS! As a gift to you, everyone who loves animals, and especially those interested in being around horses, what I pledge to you in return is to provide REGULAR UPDATES about his progress! This will be like attending a horse training class, FREE OF CHARGE, as my gift in return, so that the circle of giving can continue, and ultimately, more horses get saved.
What for videos on our Facebook page, the Resqranch, and on You Tube at The1DrQ.
Won’t you please help us? Rescuing, rehoming animals, and reeducating people, is my purpose, my passion, and lifelong pursuit. Won’t you please consider committing to giving just $20 a month, for the next 6 months, knowing that in return, that small amount will be turned into so much more, to help so many more animals and people?
If you love animals and are curious about horses, then please help us in our mission. The Reqranch, here to educate people, to help minimize the need for animal rescue’s, in the first place!
Help us, help Oliver, be all that he can be! And follow his progress as we do it!
Thank you, and god bless!