On May 21, 2016, while taking one of our horses that was a racetrack reject, for a leisurely walk, he got tangled up in some old barbed wire hidden in some long grass. He nearly severed his left front hoof completely off in panic and fear.

Luckily he survived the initial injury and is recovering well, all though it will take many more bandages changes, and days in confinement before he is ready to go for walks again. We are asking for sponsorship for him and his increased medical expenses, for the next 12 months. Won’t you please help? It normally costs about $179 a month just to feed and care for a horse, NOT including the expense of stabling. Oliver’s expenses have increased to nearly $250 a month to account for his increased needs such as bedding, medications, probiotics, bandages, and this does NOT even factor in the hours of increased labor needed daily to care for him now.

Just 5 people agreeing to pitch in $50 a month would cover all his care and feed for 1 year! If 10 people chip in, we can all get him taken care of for 1 year for just $25 a month! Colorado, although beautiful, has some inhospitable weather, and rough, dangerous territory, after all this is the wild west! Won’t you please help us so that we can provide more than just adequate care, food, and facilities for the rescued animals in our care?

Additionally, we would like to introduce you to Katie, who is currently enrolled in our advanced HORSES 101! summer internship program. Katie attended our HORSES 101! classes last summer. Katie’s internship is FREE for her and her family! Follow along as she begins her new adventure with us. Welcome Katie, it’s going to be a great summer!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for anything you can do, to help us, help the animals. God bless!