April 9, 2024


ResqRanch Welcomes Two New Wild Mustang Yearling Fillies to Its Positive Reinforcement Animal Sanctuary and Education Center

[Evergreen, Colorado] – ResqRanch, the world’s premier positive reinforcement animal sanctuary and education center, is thrilled to announce the newest additions to our family: two adorable wild Mustang yearling filly horses. These precious creatures have captured our hearts, and we can't wait to share their journey with the world.

Through our YouTube channel The1DrQ, viewers will have the opportunity to witness heartwarming moments and adorable antics as we chronicle the training journey of our newest residents. From learning basic commands to building trust and confidence, these little fillies will inspire audiences of all ages.

"We believe in the power of positive reinforcement and the incredible bond it creates between humans and animals," said Dr. Jean Questen, veterinarian, Founder and CEO of ResqRanch. "By sharing the journey of these wild Mustang yearlings, we hope to educate and inspire others to embrace kindness and empathy towards all living beings."

In addition to subscribing to our YouTube channel, there are various opportunities for the public to interact with our new wild horses. Visitors can participate in one-on-one guided training sessions live at the ResqRanch, immersing themselves in the unique experience of building a connection with these magnificent creatures. For those unable to visit in person, becoming a member of our Mustang Club grants access to regular blog updates featuring detailed accounts of the fillies' antics and training progress, as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes videos.

At ResqRanch, we are dedicated to our vision of creating a healthier and happier world for both animals and people. Donations are always appreciated as we work towards fulfilling our mission, including the construction of a community center and education space that will serve as a legacy for generations to come.

Join us on this extraordinary journey as we embark on a mission to nurture and protect these precious wild Mustang yearling fillies. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of animals and inspire positive change in our communities.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Corey McCool Chief Solutionist

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About ResqRanch: ResqRanch is the world’s premier positive reinforcement animal sanctuary and education center. We are dedicated to providing a safe haven for animals in need while promoting compassion, empathy, and education. Through innovative training techniques and community outreach programs, we strive to create a healthier, happier world for both animals and people.