Happy Monday morning animal angels of the world!
My FREE class HORSES 101! that we had on Saturday was well attended! We even stayed 2 hours past when the class was supposed to be finished, in the arena in the snow, to demonstrate the training principles in even finer detail. The children really loved the opportunity to ride, safely. And the adults loved the opportunity to discuss their own individual training and behavior scenarios, and get direct and specific advice.
Please help me to continue to bring classes like these to any and all who need them. And if you know of a boarding or training stable that would enjoy a FREE class such as this, please share!
This class should be REQUIRED for insurance purposes, and is a fabulous way to get everyone on the same page, and help ensure the safety of everyone at a facility, both horses and humans alike!
Please donate and share, help me, change the world, through decreased insurance, health and injury costs, in a manner of trust, respect, and free will for all!
Thank you, and god bless