Hi folks!
Wow I can’t believe it’s already been a month since we started this training program! And even more importantly, I am so excited we have folks signing up for our FREE classes to learn more about what we are doing and how to do it for themselves!
Two days ago Oliver had an appointment with the farrier to get his shoes reset. We discovered that he has a hoof abscess in his left front foot at the worst site of his hoof injury. This could definitely account for why he has been sore on his left front hoof. I am actually relieved we have found this, as it means we have hope that once the abscess grows out, it could be that he returns to 100% soundness.
We had to give him a couple of days off so that he could rest and recover from getting his shoes reset.
We will resume training with him again in a few days.
Thanks in advance to all of you out there who are enjoying following along with us on this training and learning adventure. Please post your comments and questions on our Facebook page @ResqRanch. And if our mission and vision touch your heart, please consider donating to our cause, and share these posts.
Thank you to you all, god bless!