Hello all!

By popular demand I am pleased to announce I am offering my Horse Training Masterclass again.

Here are the details:

Are you madly in love with horses and wish more than anything to get them in your life?


Do you already know a lot about horses, yet your methods just aren’t working as well or as fast as you like?

 I have the solution for you both!

A Life Changing 3 Hour Horse Training Masterclass!

And the deadline to sign up is approaching quickly, register by 5pm MST Friday July 16th! Only 2 spots left! 

Please let me share with you how it came about that I am going to change your life forever.  

Growing up poor, I loved animals, But without funds to purchase purebreds or already trained horses, like some of you I ended up with ‘rescues’  with training problems. Which is why they were rescues in the first place. I spent  money on everything from books, and seminars from the most well known horse whispers in the world,  to even animal communicators. I was frustrated, felt lost, unsure who to listen to, embarrassed, at times had limited self confidence that I had much idea of what I was doing, and desperately wanted to figure out how to fix it. 

More than anything I wanted that magical, heart fulfilling relationship with my horse, just like the ones you see in every emotional teen horse movie, ever! 

I didn’t want to worry anymore about wondering if my horse was ready, if my timing was right, how I could avoid getting bucked off, kicked, or smashed in some way.  

I wanted to know with 100% certainty that my horse really loved me!   

I encountered lots of conflicting information and few real solutions. None of the suggestions felt ‘right’.  But I kept trying with what I knew, maybe like you, and eventually it got me laid up in bed for nearly a year with a badly broken leg for trying to ride a rescue Thoroughbred mare I bought at a kill auction using the horse whisperer techniques I had learned thus far.  

That is when, stuck in a wheelchair in terrible pain with nothing but time to consider what I did wrong, and what I could do better, l I happened upon a dolphin training manual. 

This book changed my life! 

 It changed how I handled my own animals, how I advised my clients, and opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of training any horse, to do, anything! 

And so easy too, just a few simple steps!  

Understanding the principles of this simple, scientifically proven,  system of animal training, and applying it to horses, was like discovering the Rosetta Stone of how to clearly communicate, and accurately understand, my horses.  I went from not knowing if my horse even loved me, to being able to run to the end of an arena, away from the exit door,  call my horse to me, and have her race over to me, quickly, and eagerly, every time, and with complete mutual trust!  I was finally living the magical dream! Imagine scrambling on confidently bareback and bitless, ready to set off for any adventure! This is the dream that I am offering to you today! 

And don’t forget, these training principles apply to training ALL animals! You will leave this course with a new set of tools you can use to train horses, dogs, cats, fish, or even people!

 I am looking to share this special pilot masterclass with the unusually motivated, the exceptional truth seekers, the horse-crazy explorers! 

You may already know a lot about horses, yet you know there is always more to learn (or maybe you just want to try to prove your current methods are fine and you’re already on the right track). 

You may be just starting out, and that’s even better because I am going to save you years of heartache, money, and maybe even save your life! 


In fact, we feel so strongly that this statement is true, that we require the completion of this course for anyone who wishes to volunteer and spend time with the horses in our sanctuary.  Your tuition goes directly towards the care of the animals, so it’s a win-win!

What I am offering to share with you today is my 3 hour pilot intensive training masterclass on understanding positive reinforcement training. 

What it is, what it’s not, and why it’s the scientifically proven best, fastest, easiest, and safest method of animal training. 

You will learn why it’s the only method you should use for the rest of your life, on all your animals, and how to get started with using it.  

It will help you fix any and all training issues, for horses of all ages, youngsters to crusty old-timers, and everything in between.  You will learn the basic methods to (re)train  any horse, with any problems,  under saddle or on the ground, from quietly standing tied, to trailer loading, to picking up feet, perfect haltering and leading, girthiness, spookiness,  separation anxiety (including barn sourness), shying, bucking, pushiness, hard to catch,  and even working up to jumping bareback and bitless in company! 

I am going to show you exactly what you need to know, to fix any training issue, improve your relationship with all horses, and give you the tools to know without a doubt that, yes, your horse loves you! 

We are going to meet online for 3 hours on Sunday July 18th from noon to 3 pm MST.  

Yet that’s not all. You will also receive a FREE half hour personal one-on-one consultation for you to ask specific questions and get personal coaching from me, a $120 value! 

AND admittance to a private Facebook group for further discussion in between! 

  • First we’ll briefly discuss basic safety around handling horses, and why it’s important. Which is why this masterclass is especially great for beginner’s. 

  • Then, we will discuss the standard of horse training in the world today, how it’s out of date, and why you should leave all this behind.

  • Next we’ll learn what positive reinforcement training is and why it works the best.

  • I will teach you how to replace the current training methods you’re using, with positive reinforcement ones, so that you too can train any horse to do, anything!

  • Finally, we will discuss in depth exactly how to correctly halter train and lead a horse. You will leave this class with the tools to dramatically further your horse training knowledge, as well as confidently know you have the ability to halter train and lead ANY horse. An excellent class to have for anyone who ever plans to work with yearlings, Mustangs, or just to have more confidence haltering and leading ANY horse. 

I’m going to distill down for you an entire textbook on animal training, in simple plain, easy to understand language, everything you need to know to get started training any horse, to do anything. 

Remember you also get access to a private FB group just for students, where you can post specific questions and how to use this type of  training. 

With even a basic understanding of positive reinforcement training,  you too can train any horse! Even if you have never really been around them before! 

When it comes to horses, are you (or someone you love):

  • Afraid?

  • Hurt (like me)?

  • New to horses?

  • Experienced but looking for quick problem solving?

  • Frustrated?

  • A kid?

  • Elderly yet still believe in the dream that is horses?

  • A teen?

  • Disabled and looking for a therapeutic horse program?

  • A veteran dreaming of peace with horses?

  • A Mental Health Professional seeking to start an Equine Therapy Program?

  • Struggling, seeking meaning in life, desperate for grounding, and to find your purpose through being with horses?

  • Have social anxiety?

  • Have a deep burning passion, love, and fascination with the near mythical living creature, THE HORSE?

Then join this pilot masterclass and let me 100% blow your mind with the safest, fastest, most effective way to make ALL your dreams with horses, possible!

How can I guarantee all this? 

Keep in mind this is a pilot course, the training portion only, of my full course. When the full course is available to the public it will cover horse health, behavior, training, housing, equipment, ethics of the horse industry, and your own personal mental health and safety around horses. It will sell for $5,959.   

It will be the best comprehensive MUST HAVE course for anyone wanting to own or just be around or work with horses. 

In order to ensure everything is properly in place, first, I am going to offer this smaller pilot class to a select few unusually motivated students who want to take their relationship with their horse to the next level, NOW! 

Your cost for the privilege of joining this elite, intensive, information packed small pilot group? ONLY $297! 

A total no brainer! 

Don’t forget you can’t put a price on:


2) Holding the key to GUARANTEED deep emotional bond with Your horse, OR any HORSE!

I have given this course multiple times over the past 10 years, and literally changed people’s lives. Not only am I a veterinarian with a special interest in how behavior affects health, I am also a certified Professional Animal Trainer, and animal rescuer operating the premiere positive reinforcement centered horse sanctuary the ResqRanch. 

Not only will this course help deepen the bond between you and horses, it will also save you hours of time and money,  by helping you avoid hiring the wrong trainers, the wrong courses,  purchasing unnecessary equipment, and stress induced illness and injuries to you or the horse. It’s hard to put a price on the value of having your eyes opened to what you don’t know.    

Love horses? This course is for YOU! 

So that’s how it works. You will get a three hour intensive course on the best animal training method known to science in this century. You will get a half hour personal consultation with me (a $120 value). You will get access to a private FB group for asking questions.  You will learn everything you need to know about why this method is the best, safest, and fastest, what to avoid, and where to go from here. 

My full behavior and health course of which this pilot is the beginning, will sell for $5959. The cost to join this pilot program is only $297, and the deadline to join is  Friday July 16th, 2021 at 5 pm MST. I am accepting 10 people in the course. There are only two spots left. Would you like one of the spots in this pilot? 

If you are brave enough to learn what you don’t know, then you can’t afford to miss this chance! Sign up today and take advantage of the most significant moment in your life.   

I am DrQ, the One and Only Life Coach For People with Pets, and the rest, is up to you!

Looking forward to revealing to you a magical world with horses!

Thanks for reading and God bless!

To sign up for the class, please click here