Dear animal loving angels,

Change is often frightening, yet is necessary for growth and improvement. While these are certainly trying, uncertain times, it is important to find the good in it.

Personally, I am looking forward to the global unity of the new normal. What I mean by this, is that since the invention of the internet, we as a society have become more and more splintered and isolated (remember what is what like to have just 3 television stations to choose from). Now all these pandemic precautions are forcing us to think of all humans on the planet, which I think is a very good thing.

Hopefully the change will be good for animals, too. People will be home more, spending more time with their pets. And perhaps all this “lock down” will encourage people to make more careful decisions regarding animals, which will lead to less of them being abandoned and euthanized.

In the mean time, there are still animals everywhere finding themselves in the position of needing a home. That is why we here at the ResqRanch, although we currently are unable to have in person classes, we will refuse to be led into a blind panic or hysteria. We are not going to stop the important work we do. Instead, we will behave as if the best is yet to come, and that the funds will be there for the feed and hay that our animals need. It is in this spirit of refusing to succumb, that we have decided to adopt another racehorse who is in need of a new home, despite the current state of economic uncertainty.

You may not realize it, but horse racing continues despite the fact spectators are no longer allowed. And that means horses still need homes when their career is done.

Right now your donation means more than ever. We appreciate any and all gifts of money, feed, or equipment. Also, this down time might allow us to be able to get the HORSES101! program on line, to reach more people than ever before.

So although these are scary times, we still need to do the best that we each can do, for each other, and the animals who depend on us. We are.

Stay tuned, more updates coming soon on our new adopted Emblaze, and all the other ResqRanch animals snug in the barn with plenty of hay, on this snowy March day in Colorado, thanks to YOU!

Won’t you open your heart and your wallet, right now, and give just a little (or a lot)? We thank you! And your karma will appreciate it too!

Stay safe and healthy!

DrQ and the crew at the ResqRanch and Aspen Park Vet Hospital