Dear animal loving warriors, hope your new year is off to a wonderful start! Last year was a very busy year for me, and somewhat overwhelming with purchasing a veterinary hospital, and then moving it to a new location, all in only a few short months. This deeply impacted any progress on the Resqranch, yet, there is nothing anyone can do but strive to improve this year on what was done the year before!
For those of you who are not on our regular email list and missed the updates, I will give a brief synopsis of the last year.
Unfortunately, last year we were devastated with the unexpected loss of our most steady Thoroughbred , Jian Zehn. It seems he suffered a severe colic, which came on very quickly and he passed away during the night. His loss is a devastating blow to our future programs, as he was an off-track, rescued Thoroughbred with a kind heart and gentle nature, and the most trustworthy with small children. He is deeply missed. He was the embodiment of everything to love about the Thoroughbred, kind, willing, gentle, and with unusually good hooves! He was a very special horse, and individuals like him, who bring so much joy to children and adults, deserve to be given the chance to live a full life and not be discarded. You will live forever in our hearts, our Jian Zehn, which means steady shoulder in Chinese, and he certainly lived up to his name.
The remaining large animals of the Resqranch, were moved this year to a local boarding stable. Although they enjoyed roaming the hundreds of acres, with winter coming on the decision was made to bring them in out of the severe weather, and house them nearer to where there is an indoor arena and where they can be more readily available for classes and clinics. Fortunately, we found and absolutely wonderful facility where they are most lovingly cared for, and are quite enjoying all daily individual attention. During the winter time is a great opportunity to think about and develop programs around the animals we have, taking into consideration where they are each individually emotionally. I am always eager to entertain suggestions for what would be helpful to YOU, and what kind of programs you would like to see.
The good news is that it seems that things are smoothing out here enough that I will again be able to commit time and resources to resume developing our programs.
As always, the long term goal is still to secure a facility of sufficient size to accommodate the first Children’s Museum for pets, be able to quickly accommodate a large number of horses in emergency situations, to offer lodging for students attending seminars, an aquaculture facility, etc., as has been in our plans from the beginning.
What can you do to help besides donate money? Help us spread the word of our mission and vision, on a local level, so that we can connect with people who might already have a property which can sustain our vision. We are open to either owning a large property, or at least have access to a sufficient sized property that we can then utilize and preserve from development for many years into the future.
Thank you for reading, and your interest in our unique project to help animals, and people. Feel free to contact me directly for more details, the business plan, or to discuss ideas for how you can help.
Wishing you all a wonderful, prosperous, peaceful, and healthy 2019!