Our Current Petitions 

Ask Horse Trainers and Event Organizers To Prioritize Positive Reinforcement for Welfare

It's time we stop demanding the horse respects us, and instead respect the horse for all they do for us. While at the same time understanding that R+, or positive reinforcement is unequivocally the safest (very important with horses), fastest, and easiest way to train any animal (or person!), to do, anything.

Reform US Horse Racing

This is a call to action for all people who love and care about the well-being of horses. Whether you love or despise Thoroughbred horse racing, please take a stand to help the horses. For all of you who hate horseracing and all it stands for, please keep reading. Learn what you can do to help. For those of you who love all things horses, including the Thoroughbred racehorse, also please keep reading, because we can and need to do better.

If you love animals, especially horses, you can help be the catalyst for change by subscribing to my YouTube channel, The1DrQ, sharing positive reinforcement horse training videos, and signing our petitions.

It's time we do this, for the horses.