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Our vision is to educate, inform, and inspire through the rescues in our care.  As the only R+ (positive reinforcement) focused animal rescue, we teach the principal: Rescuing animals, rescue's us. We provide free classes to children and adults on all things related to animal care, training, and safety for all involved.

Please see below for more information about the upcoming classes and programs we are offering.

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We are excited to be offering a BRAND NEW class this summer.

We like to call it Hike with Horses! Although, there may be a sweet donkey or two available for love and cuddles, as well. For more information, please keep reading!

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Hike with Horses!

Come take a scenic walk with us and our rescue animals (horses and donkeys)!
You are welcome to drop in for any of the classes to observe, ask questions, and join our stroll in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. All events occur at West Wind Stables in Conifer, Colorado.
If you would like to participate in handling, grooming, and/or walking the animals, you will first need to attend an Introductory class of HORSES 101! which will be offered at Aspen Park Vet Hospital. Please call the hospital for scheduling 303-838-3771.
Walkers and Hikers ages 5 and up are welcome to join us. Spend some time outdoors, surrounded by gorgeous scenery, and amazing animals, and help us keep our rescue animals socialized, clean, and in good shape. "It's good exercise for all of us!" says DrQ the Life Coach for Pet People. We hope you will join us for some or all of the walks!
There is a suggested $25 donation per person for taking the introductory class. Hikes are a suggested donation of $5 each. Please RSVP on the Resqranch Facebook page. Hope to see you!

Do you love your dog practically like a child? Then please join us at Aspen Park Veterinary Hospital in Conifer, Colorado, for a “walking” training class appropriate for all ages and breeds of dogs! Whether you have a new puppy who needs some socialization, an adult who needs practice and companionship, or an older dog who needs to keep joints moving, all ages, sizes, and breeds of dogs are welcome! During our relaxing, healthy, walk in a serene setting, enjoy animal behaviorist and speaker, Dr. Jena Questen, veterinarian and animal expert, discuss topics such as learning how dog’s think, problem-solving, proper socialization, and why great behavior is CRITICAL for good health and long life! While giving lots of tips, tricks, and little life hacks on how to get your beloved canine companion to be the most loving, well behaved, and admirable dog you have ever had the joy of taking on a walk, anywhere, anytime! All are welcome, join us! These sessions are at no charge! If you love it, please donate to the, and tell your friends. Call Aspen Park Vet Hospital for information about class times.

Additionally, we are currently in the process of creating a Train-The-Trainer program to empower our educators and reach more people passionate about the mission of The Resqranch.  

Our HORSES 101! program is available for your equine facility, contact us for details and scheduling. Class's are tailored towards any audience, from adults to children ages 5-10, professionals and beginners.  Call us TODAY to schedule a FREE program at YOUR facility!

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Would you like us to present a free training at your facility? We would love to! Please drop us an email and we will work on getting something arranged right away!


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Please take me to Walk N'Train!

Please take me to Walk N'Train!